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It has been 6 years since I graduated with my master's in EIS [now EDS, Educational Studies].  I now have a district-level administrative role that hires, trains, and evaluates all EL teachers in the district.  Thank you for all of the foundational skills you taught me during my first graduate-level program.  The EIS program at WIU set me on a wonderful trajectory that has pushed me to get additional degrees in administration, making it possible for me to take on this role that will impact the educational services offered throughout 25 schools in our district. Thank you for your dedication to education.  You all have truly left a mark. ~ Jessica Marty

2022 Iowa Teacher of the Year, Sara Russell ('16)


Sara Russell was named as the Iowa 2022 Teach of the Year!. Sara graduated from WIU in December of 2016 with a MSEd in Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies. She devoted her coursework and thesis project to researching multicultural curriculums and created a multicultural American Government course as a result.

Sara remains a valuable resource to WIU as a member of the Program Advisory Committee for the MSEd in Educational Studies and a role model for the teacher education students at WIU-QC.

We are thrilled to see her recognized as the outstanding educator that she is.