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Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) - Alternative Licensure

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) - Alternative Licensure is a two year residency program wherein candidates are hired by a school district on a provisional teaching license, are paid a beginning teacher salary, and take courses over that two year period.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be entitled by WIU to receive an Illinois Professional Educator License with endorsements in either Special Education (K12), Secondary Mathematics (6-12) or Secondary Science (6-12). Students following the Special Education track will also be eligible to apply for the Learning Behavior Specialist I (LBS I) endorsement. Endorsements in English as a Second Language or Bilingual Education can be added to any licensure program.


  • An undergraduate degree or 9 hours in the area of licensure sought; or 9 hours combined of English, Math, Science, and Social Science coursework. Any deficiencies must be made up before teaching. 
  • Must complete a total of 32 hours in the area of licensure sought; or 32 hours combined of English, Math, Science, and Social Science coursework by the end of the program to qualify for a full Professional Educator License.
  • Approval by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) for admission for licensure
  • International students do not qualify for admission to this program. 


  • Send transcripts to Licensure Officer (Tammy Wilson; 309/298-2117) who will review them and apply for ISBE approval. 
  • Complete a background check if not currently working in the schools.
  • Document time spent in a school setting. Those without experience in schools take 2 credit hours of EDS 592: Field Experience.
  • Complete online training modules in lesson planning, assessment, ESl and classroom management OR program coursework with equivalent content.
  • Pass applicable Content Tests (link to See ).
  • Apply for Educator License with Stipulations endorsed for Alternative Educator (ELS - APE).
  • Apply for open teaching positions via IASA Illinois Education Job Bank and Unfilled Positions 2020 .
  • Begin two year residency program as a paid teacher of record with the support of a mentor teacher and University Supervisor while completing coursework (see Program Degree Requirements).
  • Pass the edTPA . 
  • At the end of two years of teaching, convert your Educator License with Stipulations to Professional Educator License and earn a Master of Arts in Teaching.

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For more information, please contact Eric Sheffield.

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