College of Education & Human Services

Special Ed program undergraduate students working with a student.

Undergraduate Special Education Program

The Special Education program was designed to meet the national and state standards for special education teachers. Students enrolled in the dual certification program also meet state standards for the elementary education teachers.

The program was designed to help teacher candidates learn the content and skills necessary to serve children with special needs. In addition, because so many students with special needs are included in general education classes and are taught with general education curricula, our majors also need to be competent in general education content. As a result, students working toward an LBSI certificate take courses in the School of Education in reading and reading methods, science methods, social studies methods, and math methods for elementary teachers. Our students also have multiple opportunities to practice the content and skills learned in the classroom.

Learning Behavioral Specialist 1 & Dual Special Education/Elementary Education

Students in the Learning Behavioral Specialist (LBS1) program (pdf) and those who opt for the dual special education/elementary education program (pdf) take some of their coursework side by side with Elementary Education majors. Special education and elementary education teachers must work collaboratively in the field in order to best meet the needs of diverse learners. We provide opportunities for students to practice collaboration in our courses.

Special Education/Elementary Education Dual major

Candidates may choose to become dual certification majors. Dual major certificates complete coursework and fieldwork that qualifies them to teach in both Special Education K-12 and Elementary Education K-8 settings.