Human Resources



(SUCSS 250.30)

Every Civil Service position is classified according to the scope of its duties and responsibilities. Each job title corresponds to a classification specification established by the State Universities Civil Service System which describes its characteristic functions and requisite qualifications. A complete volume of all classification specifications is maintained in each Human Resources Department within the System and provides the basis for an ongoing, consistent classification program. If you or your supervisor feel your position is incorrectly classified, you may request an audit by contacting Human Resources.

Audit Procedure for Positions

The following outline describes the procedures used to evaluate positions.

  1. Pre-Audit
    1. A supervisor or an employee may contact Human Resources to request an audit of a position by the Classification Division.
      1. The Classification Division provides description format information to the initiator of the request in order to obtain a current description of the position.
      2. The employee completes the position description.
      3. The supervisor verifies the position description completed by the employee.
      4. The supervisor forwards the verified position description to Human Resources with a cover memo requesting the position be placed on the audit schedule.
      5. The supervisor will notify the vice president/president that an audit has been requested.
    2. After receiving the position description and appropriate approval, the position is placed on the audit schedule by the Classification Division according to the date the position description and approval is received.
  2. On-Site Audit
    1. The employee is contacted by the Classification Division to schedule a convenient time and date for an on-site audit.
    2. At the scheduled time, the auditor will come to the worksite to discuss the elements of the position with the employee and the supervisor. Notes are taken and read back to both parties to ensure accuracy. The estimated time involved is 1-2 hours.
  3. Position Evaluation Procedures
    1. The auditor will use the information contained in the written job description and the audit notes to compare the duties and responsibilities of the position to standards established by the State Universities Civil Service System of Illinois for suitable classifications.
    2. A determination will be made as to the most appropriate classification for the position.
  4. Post-Audit Procedures
    1. Within 30 working days after the audit, the employee and supervisor receive a written notification and explanation of the determination. The position is either recommended for a change in classification or retained in its current classification.
    2. If a change in classification is recommended, a copy of the above notification is forwarded to the supervising Vice President or the President for his/her approval. Should this administrative approval not be granted, the supervisor will work with Human Resources to delete duties inappropriate to the original classification.
    3. Position Reclassification to a Higher Pay Grade
      1. When a change to a higher classification is recommended and approved, the employee must qualify, take, and pass the examination for the new classification. There is no competitive element involved.
      2. The supervisor must submit a "Request for Personnel" form through the usual channels in order to effect the reclassification.
      3. The reclassification is effective on the date the employee passes the examination or on the date of the audit if the examination has already been passed.
    4. Position Reclassification to a Lower Pay Grade
      1. When a change to a lower classification is recommended, the change will not be implemented until the position becomes vacant. The current incumbent is therefore not affected by such a recommendation.

Audit Appeal Procedure

The following outline of procedures describes the formal process used to review audit determinations:

  1. An employee and/or a supervisor may appeal an audit determination by submitting a completed Classification Audit Appeal Form within ten working days of receiving the decision. All appeals must be signed by the employee's immediate supervisor.
  2. Initial appeals shall be forwarded to the Classification Division of Human Resources. The audit will then be reviewed in an attempt to resolve the stated concerns. This review will include an interview with the employee and/or supervisor. Following the review, an appeal decision will be issued in writing within fifteen working days of the date of the interview.
  3. Within 5 working days of receiving the results of an initial appeal, an employee and/or a supervisor may further appeal the classification decision by submitting a completed Classification Audit Appeal Form to the Director of Human Resources. The Director or his/her designee will then review all submitted data and interview appropriate personnel in a second attempt to resolve the stated concerns. The Director or his/her designee will issue a decision in writing within 20 working days of the date of the interview.
  4. Should resolution still not be reached, an employee or a supervisor has the right to address a final appeal to the Director of the State Universities Civil Service System. Such appeals must be filed with the System Office within 15 calendar days of receiving a decision from the Director of Human Resources or his/her designee.