Overdues and Fines

All patrons with a current email address receive a courtesy notice reminder 7 days before the book is due.

The first overdue notice is generated (one day after the due date). We allow a two week grace period so there will be no fine assessed from this notice.

If the material is not returned, a second notice is generated (2 weeks from the date the book was due).

If material still has not been returned and a third notice (4 weeks from the due date) is produced, a $10.00 non-refundable charge is assessed to the user's university account.

A letter (6 weeks from the due date) imposes a minimum $75.00 lost book charge. This will normally be waived when the book is returned. The purpose of fines is simply to ensure that books are returned. Fines which are charged to student accounts are paid into the University's Income Fund and do not benefit the library directly. Questions concerning overdues and fines should be addressed to Alonso Rubio (309/298-2705 – in the Access Services Unit, Malpass Library.

Contact Information

Alonso Rubio
Overdues & Fines Coordinator
Greg Phelps
Unit Supervisor