University Policies

Approval Date: 9/28/05
Revised Date: 12/5/06
Approved By: President

Recognition for Retired Faculty and Administrators


  1. The title of "Professor Emeritus" will be given if the retiree has been employed at the University for at least seven years and has received tenure. This recognition includes academic administrators who hold tenure at time of retirement.
  2. The title of "Administrator Emeritus" will be given to non-academic Vice Presidents retiring from the University or others at the discretion of the President. The President will recognize retired administrators for superior service if they have been employed at the University for at least seven years and were employed at Western Illinois University at time of retirement.
  3. The title of "Professor Emeritus" or "Administrator Emeritus" may be given to an individual who meets the criteria of either section (1) or (2) and who passes away prior to retiring from the University.


  1. Free parking permit hangtag. Replacement permit - $1.00
  2. Opportunity to purchase BCA tickets at same discount as WIU employees receive.
  3. Retirees and their spouses are charged the same fee as current faculty/staff for a Student Recreation Center membership.
  4. General admission season tickets may be purchased at a discounted rate for football, volleyball, men’s and women’s basketball, and softball, along with any other sports that may become a ticket event.
  5. The opportunity to utilize the WIU libraries in the same way as students and staff.
  6. Can contact the University Relations Office to request a copy of the Campus Connection newsletter.
  7. Recognition for “Professor Emeritus” will be provided by Faculty Senate.