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Frequently Asked Questions - Western EMS

How do I contact Western EMS ?

You can contact WEMS by dialing the Office of Public Safety at 309-298-1949, calling 9-1-1, or activating one of the 48 "Blue Light" call boxes on Western Illinois University's campus. 

What hours does EMS operate?

Western EMS operates from 7 PM to 7 AM seven days a week during the fall and spring WIU semesters. Because Macomb Fire Rescue & Lifeguard Ambulance provide emergency medical services to WIU during the hours WEMS is off duty, emergency medical services are available on Western's campus at all times. 

Does EMS charge for a response?

All of the on-campus services provided by Western EMS are free. Patients may be charged for services by Lifeguard Ambulance or the hospital they are transported to if they require further care beyond the Western EMS on-campus services. 

What level of services does EMS provide?

Western EMS is licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health to provide Quick Response medical care at the Basic Life Support (BLS) level. Western EMS operates under the medical control of McDonough District Hospital EMS System. Western EMS carries medications used to treat a number of ailments including albuterol, epinephrine, narcan, nitroglycerine, aspirin, oral glucose, and oxygen. W

EMS will always respond with at least two personnel. The typical response team consists of three personnel: an EMT-Basic and two EMRs.

Does Western EMS provide standby coverage?

Yes, click this link to request ems coverage.

Does Western EMS offer EMT courses?

Western EMS does not provide Emergency Medical Technician courses, but members of WEMS can complete an EMT course if they choose. Western Illinois University and Spoon River College both offer EMT-Basic courses in Macomb. Many EMT courses are also available through community colleges across the state. 

New members into the organization that do not currently hold EMT-B licenses or EMR certifications will partake in a Emergency Medical Responder training course, licensed through the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Does Western EMS offer Continuing Education Courses?

Every other Sunday, members of Western EMS participate in Continuing Education training that is provided for free by the WEMS organization.