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What are the Transfer requirements for admission to Western Illinois University – Quad Cities(WIU-QC)?

Applicants to WIU-QC who have earned 24 or more semester hours (36 or more quarter hours) of college work will be considered for transfer student admission on the basis of college performance only.

A combined C average for all hours attempted from all institutions attended and good standing at the last college/university attended are required for admission.

Students with less than 24 credit hours earned will need to submit high school transcripts and ACT/SAT scores for freshman admission requirements

How do I apply to WIU-QC for the first time?

There are a few basic steps for application to WIU-QC.

  1. First fill out an application. This can most easily be done online at http://www.wiu.edu/qc/apply/.
  2. You must also have transcripts sent from all previous schools attended to Undergraduate Admissions, Western Illinois University-Quad Cities, 1 University Circle Macomb, IL (Processing of applications occurs in Macomb so we ask documents be sent there).
  3. Submit military records such as DD214, if applicable.
  4. Finally, you must pay an application fee of $30.00. (Fee waivers are available for those who qualify. Contact admissions for more information)

How do I apply to WIU-QC if I am a returning student?

If you are a former WIU student who has not been enrolled for one or more spring or fall semesters who wish to be readmitted, you will need to fill out the readmission application which can be found online: Application for Readmission

How long does it take to get admitted to WIU-QC?

The Admissions Office will begin processing your application once application fee and supporting documents have been received. In busy times processing can take 2 to 3 weeks.

Don't wait for the deadline. Apply early!

When should I begin the application process?

It is wise to begin applying at least a semester before you plan to attend WIU-QC. You want to have plenty of time for your application to be processed and to get signed up for an early Advising appointment. The following are good guidelines for early admission:

For Fall Semester: Apply in January or February
For Spring Semester: Apply in September
For Summer Semester: Apply in January

Don't I have to wait until all my community college courses are complete before I can transfer?

No. You want to apply as early as possible. Admissions will evaluate you based on the course work that you have already completed. You will need to send your complete transcript when all your grades are posted, but your transcript will show your completed courses and courses in progress which will be satisfactory for admissions.

How will I know if I've been accepted?

You will receive an acceptance packet from the Admissions Office if you have been admitted.

Once I've been admitted, when will I be able to register for classes?

You will be eligible to register once you have met with an academic advisor.

Summer and Fall Registration begins in April
Spring Registration begins in November

What kind of transfer credit is accepted at WIU-QC?

Western accepts all academic credit with grades of D- and above from properly accredited institutions. The Admissions Office is responsible for evaluating a student's transfer work for applicability to general education and Bachelors Degree requirements. It is important to meet with your departmental advisor as soon as possible to discuss these requirements. Here is the contact information for WIU-QC academic advisors.

Note: There are certain academic degrees that require grades of C and above in coursework required to satisfy general education and Bachelors degree requirements. Please consult with an academic advisor.

What different majors are offered at the WIU-QC?

The Quad Cities campus offers undergraduate degrees in Accounting, Bilingual/English as a Second Language Education, Civil Engineering, Communication, Electrical Engineering, Elementary Education, Engineering, Engineering Technology, English, General Studies, Human Resource Management, Information Systems, Law Enforcement & Justice Administration, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Management, Marketing, Mechanical Engineering, Psychology, Recreation Park & Tourism Administration, Nursing(RN-BSN), and Supply Chain Management.

How do I find out about my major?

How do I find out about financial aid or scholarships at WIU-QC?

The best resources for exploring scholarship assistance at the WIU-QC is the web site for our scholarships. Transfer students should pay particular attention to the scholarships offered by their major department and home college. For financial aid information, the website provides a wealth of information.

How does my Associate Degree transfer?

  • An Associate of Arts degree (AA) from an accredited Illinois community college will transfer to satisfy General Education requirements.
  • An Associate of Science degree from an accredited Illinois community college will transfer but may require the addition of 2-3 more general education courses.
  • An Associate of Arts OR Science from select Iowa community colleges will transfer and satisfy General Education requirements.
  • An AAS degree from any community college is not designed to transfer, but can often have courses that will work towards the bachelor's degree program.
  • All Bachelor Degree requirements will be evaluated on a course by course basis for all transfer students. Please contact the Admissions office for additional details about your degree.

What if a course is accepted but is not applied to a requirement?

If you think a transfer course could fill a University Graduation Requirement, make an appointment and bring a description and syllabus from that course to the Admissions Office. If you think a transfer course could fill a major requirement take a course description and syllabus to your departmental advisor.

What is WARD?

Western's Audit of Requirements for Degrees (WARD) is an automated record reflecting a student's academic progress toward degree completion in his/her declared major. By considering Western's work, transfer courses, and courses in progress, this analysis provides timely information on a student's progress toward meeting degree requirements. Students may view their WARD report through STARS.

How long will it take to graduate?

The length of time you spend at Western depends on a variety of factors; such as, the number of credit hours transferred, your major, and personal factors.

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