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Extracurricular Activities

The WIU-QC College of Arts & Sciences programs now boast several unique and active student organizations. As described further below, the Liberal Arts & Sciences Student Organization (LASSO) is aimed broadly at building an exciting intellectual culture and new opportunities for all arts & sciences students, while the Interdisciplinary English and the Arts Society (IDEAS) is especially dedicated to building opportunities related to literature and the arts and the Aquarium, Biology, & Zoology Society (ABZS) is especially focused on the life sciences. 


Liberal Arts & Sciences Student Organization (LASSO)LASSO Logo

President: Cameron Ruiz

Vice-President: Deisy Puente-Tapia

Secretary: Kaleb Rorbakken

Treasurer: Ruben Pena

Social Media/Marketing: Rebecca Graham

SGA Representative: Rose Patton

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Interdisciplinary English & Arts Society (IDEAS)IDEAS Logo

President: Shaun Robinson

Vice-President: Callahan Herrig

Secretary: Sean Harrison

Treasurer: Chloanne Simmering

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A partial list of events organized by LASSO, IDEAS & ABZS in recent semesters:

  • 2016 Shedd Aquarium Trip Photos
  • Presidential Politics, Processes and the Youth Vote
  • Hot Rocks & Blue Ice: A Presentation and Discussion on Antarctic Meteorites by Dr. Paul Sipiera, President & CEO of the Planetary Studies Foundation in Galena, IL
  • Annual Chicago charter-bus trips to the National Museum of Mexican Art, the Dusable Museum of African American History, the Field Museum, the Arts Institute of Chicago, and the Shedd Aquarium
  • Trips to watch performances of the Vagina Monologues
  • Lectures, guided tours, and other visits to the FIGGE art museum and the Putnam science museum in Davenport
  • Presidential debate and election night viewing parties
  • An annual resumé-building conversation with representatives of local employers about the post-liberal-arts-degree job market
  • Dinner and a Lecture nights, most recently with talks by internationally-famous environmentalist Bill McKibben, science writer Michael Shermer, gay rights activist Zach Wahls, and cancer survivor and ecologist Sandra Steingraber
  • A "Big Read" panel discussion about Ray Bradbury's novel Fahrenheit 451 at the Moline Public Library
  • Coffee House Bashes and Open Mic Nights including lots of student-composed short stories and poetry readings (complete with contest prizes) 
  • Screenings of short films and poster presentations featuring great African American writers, musicians, and other major historical figures
  • Celebration of Banned Books Week
  • Native American History Month and Women's History Month bake sales, with proceeds donated to local nonprofits
  • A Darwin Day celebration with biologist and geneticist guest speakers from the University of Iowa
  • Service nights at a Rock Island men's shelter