Quad Cities Campus

Interdisciplinary Minor in Environmental Studies: 18–22 s.h.

Academic Advisor: Ms. Jennifer Sandrik-Rubio, College of Arts and Sciences

  1. Core Requirements: 6 s.h.
    ENVR 201—Introduction to Environmental Studies (3)
    ENVR 401—Colloquium on Environmental Studies (3)
  2. Must take at least one course from each Foundation Area and a fourth course from any Foundation Area: 12–16 s.h.

a.  Foundation Area 1: Environmental and Earth Sciences
     AGRN 278—Fundamentals of Soil Science (3)
     BIOL 350—General Ecology (4)
     BIOL 453—Streams Ecology (3)
     BOT 210—Local Flora (3)
     CHEM 342—Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry (4)
     EOS 310—Environmental Sciences (3)
     EOS 311—Environmental and Occupational Health Problems (3)
     GEOG 327—Environmental Climatology (3)
     GEOL 113—Energy and Earth Resources (3)
     GEOL 310—Geologic Field Methods (2)
     GEOL 375—Environmental Geology (3)
     GEOL 380—Hydrogeology (4)
     GEOL 420—Geomorphology (3)
     PHYS 124—General Physics (5)

b.  Foundation Area 2: Human Dimensions and Environmental Interactions
     ANTH 410—Anthrozoology (3)
     ANTH/BOT 463—Ethnobotany (4)
     ENG 340—American Nature Writing (3)
     ENG 481—Topics in Rhetoric and Composition (3)
     HIST 420—Capstone Seminar: Illinois History (3)
     HIST 422—American Environmental History (3)
     PHIL 333—Environmental Ethics (3)
     RPTA 376—Perspectives in Outdoor Recreation (3)
     RPTA 448—Interpretation of Cultural and Environmental Resources (3)
     WS/ANTH 395—Gender, Race, and the Environment (3)

c.  Foundation Area 3: Environmental Management and Decision-Making
     CONS 405—Soil and Water Conservation (4)
     EOS 316—Integrated Waste Management (3)
     ECON/AGEC 430—Environmental Economics (3)
     GEOG 308—Introduction to GIS (3)
     GEOG/BIOL 426—Conservation and Management of Natural Resources (3)
     INAG 310—International Agriculture in Developing Countries (3)
     MGT 481—Management and Society: Ethics and Social Responsibility (3)
     POLS 393—Environmental Politics (3)