Quad Cities Campus

WIU Quad Cities Campus Parking

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 Permits

Please note the following changes:

  • There will no longer be physical hangtags; vehicle license plates will serve as the permit.
  • Permits for Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 will go on sale August 22nd.
  • Permits for Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 can only be purchased by visiting wiu.parklpr.com
  • The link to online permit system will be emailed and posted the Parking Services website.
  • Parking and Traffic Regulations - Effective: August 1, 2022

Guest Parking Information

All guests and visitors to WIU-Quad Cities may park in designated guest parking spots for up to 30 minutes.

If you intend to be on campus for longer than 30 minutes, please visit one of the reception desks located in Riverfront Hall or Quad Cities Complex to obtain a guest parking permit to park on campus.

Guests with permits may park in the 34th Street lot or the University Drive West lot. The University Drive East lot is limited to WIU Faculty and Staff.

Guests attending events on campus may also park in spots identified by blue lines at the far west end of the University Drive West lot.

Bike Racks

WIU-Quad Cities buildings have bike racks available for students, faculty, and staff. The bike rack at Riverfront is located on the south side of the building. We recommend you secure your bicyle while on campus by using a bike lock.

MOTORCYCLES PERMITS -- Motorcycles and mopeds are permitted to park in designated motorcycle parking and meters. This is a 24-hour restriction. Individuals who register a primary vehicle and obtain a permit, may register one motorcycle to the permit at no cost. Individuals who use a motorcycle as a primary vehicle only, will be required to pay the current motorcycle registration fee to obtain a permit.

HANDICAPPED SPACES -- are reserved for state authorized handicapped vehicles that display a state handicapped license plate or permit. Students and faculty/staff are required to obtain a current annual permit. Violators are subject to ticketing and having the vehicle towed at the owner’s expense.

APPEALS -- may be submitted within seven calendar days from the date of the ticket. Appeal forms are available at the WIU Quad Cities campus Security Office in Riverfront Hall 108. Appeal forms are also available online. If an appeal is denied, a second written appeal may be submitted within ten calendar days from the review date.

PARKING SPACES -- are identified by white lines. All other areas are considered no parking zones. The fact that other vehicles are parked improperly shall not constitute a valid reason for parking with any part of the vehicle on or over the line, in a “no parking” zone, on the grass, etc.

The following violations will be enforced:

  • No WIU Permit: $25
  • Restricted Parking/Permit not valid in lot: $25
  • Improper Parking: $5
  • No Parking Zone/Undesignated Parking: $40
  • Fire Access Area (plus any tow charges): $75
  • Towable Violation, issued in addition to Parking Violation: $75
  • Reserved Space/Lot: $40
  • Handicapped Space (plus any tow charges): $250
  • Improper/Failure to Display Permit: $5
  • Failure to Register a Substitute Vehicle: $5
  • Failure to Report License Change or Correction: $10
  • Failure to Utilize Bicycle Parking Area: $5

A second ticket may be issued for certain violations which occur for longer than a 4-hour period. Ticket payments may be made at Parking Services or the Union Service Center. Outstanding violations may restrict student registration and the release of student records. Unpaid violations may be referred to a collection agency. You have seven (7) days to appeal, void, or have a violation reduced. No adjustments will be made after seven days. Students with 10 or more tickets will be referred to Student Judicial Programs for appropriate action.

Employees with more than one registered vehicle on their permit, are only allowed to have one of those vehicles on campus at a time. You may not register vehicles of other employees or vehicles of students on your permit. Sharing permits/registration is not allowed and will be enforced.