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Student checking out information at a table.

Informational Table Requests

To reserve an informational table, please complete the Scheduling Form.

Usage Policies:

  • Table usage by on-campus registered student organizations and University agencies may be scheduled for a maximum of three days in one week.
  • Table usage by non-university related, outside vendors is limited to three days per month. Only one outside vendor will be scheduled per day.
  • Solicitation in front of the tables is prohibited.
  • Registered student organizations selling tickets, merchandise, or collecting monies must have prior approval through Scheduling and Event Services. UUB and SGA are exempt from rental fees.
  • The sale of food or any edible material must have prior approval of Scheduling and Event Services and any food, beverage, or candy items to be sold in the Union Concourse must be purchased from University Food Services or be pre-packaged from an approved vendor.
  • New or prospective student organizations are permitted the use of one table in the concourse for one three-day period, providing the purpose is to solicit membership.
  • For anyone charging an entry fee to an event, collecting donations or selling a product (event tickets, products, etc) the organization, faculty, or staff will be charged $10.
  • No table rental will be assessed to any University department or registered student organization distributing material promoting the organization.

Table Rental fees:

  • A $10 per day per table charge will be assessed to registered student organizations soliciting donations, selling or taking orders for a product or merchandise (raffles included), or selling tickets to a specific program.
  • Outside vendors using the table to promote/advertise a product or service will be assessed $75 per day.
  • Outside vendors selling a product or service (including accepting applications for products or services) are required to pay space rental only - $125.00 per day in advance.
  • All products, services, and giveaway items (including coupons) must be reviewed and approved in Scheduling and Event Services prior to the use of the informational table.
  • Credit card solicitation is not allowed on the WIU campus.