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Corbin & Olson Halls

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Corbin & Olson Halls are home to upper-division and graduate students. Located on the southwest corner of campus, both offer unique double, single and suite-style living arrangements, with each suite having two bedrooms and a common living room area. 

Corbin Hall houses upper-division Arts, Broadcasting, and Global LINC Living-Learning Communities. Olson Hall also has a conference floor for campus and community guests.

The complex has laundry facilities on every floor, newly renovated hall-wide kitchen for student use, a computer lab, gaming area, dining center, c-store, and electronic classrooms.

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Hall Contact Information
Corbin-Olson Desk: (309) 298-3500
Hall Clerk: (309) 298-3209

Complex Director
Danielle Tucker

(309) 298-3531

Corbin Mailing Address
410 N. Western Ave.
Macomb, IL 61455

Olson Mailing Address
400 N. Western Ave.
Macomb, IL 61455











Amenities at Corbin-Olson include

  • Single, Double, and Suite-style Rooms
  • 24hr Information Desk
  • Corbin-Olson Dining Center
  • Break Housing Options
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Air Conditioned
  • Cable TV
  • Wi-Fi (All Rooms)
  • Computer Lab
  • Electronic Classrooms


Rooms in Corbin-Olson come with two sets of:
  • Loftable Furniture
  • Desk
  • Desk Chair
  • Dresser
  • Closets
  • Bed Frame
  • Mattress (36" x 80") - Requires XL Twin Sheets


The following items are available for rental through WIU or our campus partners. Click an item to learn more.

Corbin-Olson Hall Empty Room
Thompson Hall Empty Room

Singles and Doubles

Corbin and Olson Halls offer single and double rooms as well as suite-style rooms (see below). Both single and double rooms are carpeted and equipped with two sets of loftable bed frames and mattresses, as well two desks, desk chairs, dressers, and closets.

  • Room: 14' x 11"


In addition to singles and doubles, Corbin & Olson Halls also offer suite-style rooms.

  • Room: 14' x 11"
Danielle Tucker

Danielle Tucker
Complex Director
(309) 298-3531

Pam Clark

Pam Clark
Hall Clerk
(309) 298-3209