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Articulation & Course Equivalencies

Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI)

Phase I

The Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) began in 1998 to assist students transferring general education course work between Illinois schools. The IAI General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) comprised of 37 to 41 semester hours is for students who are undecided about a major and which four-year school to attend. Students who transfer to Western Illinois University with IAI GECC (37-41 semester hours) verified on their official transcript will have met the University's General Education requirement. Students who have decided on a major should see below Phase II. If you have decided to transfer to WIU, you should consult the WIU catalog and talk to an admission counselor.

Phase II

IAI Majors identifies course work students in their first and second year would typically complete. This is for students who have decided on a major but are undecided about which four-year school to attend. Each major may recommend General Education course work to include in the IAI GECC and courses that may count in a specific major. If you have decided to transfer to Western Illinois University, you should consult the WIU catalog and talk to an admission counselor.

Participating IAI Majors

Course Equivalencies

Course equivalencies and planning guides are determined through Transferology's transfer articulation system. A course could have more than one equivalent depending upon the student's declared major at the time of transfer. Current WIU students should contact their advisor or the University Advising and Academic Services Center at (309) 298-1846. Prospective transfer students may contact their admissions counselor or Shawn Wochner, Transfer Coordinator, at SM-Wochner2@wiu.edu or Melissa Telles, Transfer coordinator, at MA-Telles@wiu.edu or Kassie Daly, Associate Director of Admissions, at kj-daly@wiu.edu.

Getting Started with transferology

View course equivalencies or create an individualized planning guide for your selected degree plan.

Helpful Tips:

  • If you receive an error message, click on "NO".
  • For Iowa community college equivalencies, select SCC-Burlington Current
  • General education equivalency codes:
    • G1-communication skills
    • G2-natural sciences/mathematics
    • G3-social sciences
    • G4-humanities
    • G5-multicultural studies
    • G6-human well being
  • When searching for an equivalent on WIU’s Eng 180 and Eng 280, the first line will display NC (no credit). Please refer to the next entry where it will state the earned credit. These two courses require a C grade or better which triggers the "no credit" line first.
  • Be sure to watch for dates in parenthesis. If a course has this under it, those dates are when that equivalent is in effect.

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