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Entering Freshmen
• 28 ACT or Higher
• 26-27 ACT Composite and top 15% of Graduating Class
• 24-25 ACT Composite and top 10% of Graduating Class

Transfer and Current Western Students
• 3.4 GPA based on 12 or more semester hours
• Honors Credit from other Institutions May Transfer

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Jenna Verity | Rhodes Scholar Finalist

Congratulations to the following high school students for being chosen as President's Scholarship Finalists:

  • Tyler Allen (Abingdon High School)
  • Alexander Brewer (Mount Zion High School)
  • Logan Brown (South Elgin High School)
  • Liam Buchanan (Knoxville High School)
  • Sydney Coker (Macomb High School)
  • Shea Fili (Spoon River Valley High School)
  • Austin Goleman (Brimfield Community High School)
  • Walker Kelly (Galesburg High School)
  • Breanne Norton (Galesburg High School)
  • Sai Komaragiri (Normal Community High School)
  • Beth Obendorf (Oregon High School)
  • Mariah Peters (Blue Springs, MO High School)
  • Margaret Ross (Urbana High School)
  • Emma Sandstrom (Glenwood High School)
  • Ian South (Dixon High School)
  • Emily Stewart (Guilford High School)
  • Killian Tracey (Geneva Community High School).

The President's Scholarship Recipients for 2015-16 are:

  • Logan Brown
  • Liam Buchanan
  • Walker Kelly
  • Emily Stewart 
  • Killian Tracey

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The Centennial Honors College provides academically talented and motivated students an enriched academic curriculum and opportunities for leadership, professional growth, and service learning. At the university level, its curriculum of special general honors tutorials, colloquia, and seminars is an integral part of the University’s General Education. Within departments or areas of study, the honors curriculum is an integral part of the major with offerings of in-course honors, seminars, recitals, and internship opportunities. General Honors courses, taught by a select faculty, foster opportunities for discussion and debate and promote critical reasoning, cross-disciplinary thinking, and communication skills. Honors work within departments and areas provides opportunities for in-depth study, research, and professional development.

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