Meal Plan Options

The meal plan at WIU is an "a la carte" structure, meaning you pay for what you eat. Your meal plan will be loaded on to your WIU ID card at the beginning of the semester, and you will use your ID card, like a debit card at any dining center, convenience store, or retail location on campus.

If you are a returning student for the Fall 2020 semester, check out the changes you will notice to your meal plan this year here.

Meal Plan Rates

Rates for Plan X  (First enrolled Fall 2022, Spring 2023, or Summer 2023) as well as rates for previous plans can be found on our Rates page for a breakdown of all room and board rates for Plan V and previous plans.

Adding Money to your Meal Plan

You can always add money to your meal plan by billing your account. To add money to your meal plan or to purchase a meal plan, visit "UHDS Add Meal Plan Money . . ." from the STARS drop-down menu.

Non-Residential Meal Plan

A unique dining meal plan designed for off-campus & commuting students who do not reside on campus, but still want to enjoy the variety of on-campus dining options available to them. A minimum first time buy-in of $100 each year is required. As you need to add more funds, a range of $10 to $250 may be added at any time.
You can add money to your meal plan by billing your account. You do not need to prepay.

Log-on to STARS and select "Meal Plan Money and Rocky Dollars" from the Housing/Dining drop-down menu.

How do the plans work?

Every student living on campus is required to have a meal plan. Plans are billed at a rate dependent on the guaranteed rate assigned at the point of acceptance to the university (i.e. Plan R, S, T, etc). A fixed amount for food purchases is loaded on to the student ID card each semester to be spent in the dining centers. Students purchase individual food items (a la carte style) in the dining centers and are only charged for what they eat. The prices of the food items are deducted from their ID card. A student can check their meal plan balance at any time on STARS.

Our students are able to eat wherever they want on our campus. They are able to use their meal plan in any food establishments on campus i.e. the University Union Food Court, all WIU Dining Centers and Convenience Stores. Discount pricing is not available at retail locations (i.e. Einstein's, Chick-fil-A, and Dividends).

Rocky Dollars

Rocky Dollars is a debit-like account in which students can add money via a credit or debit card at wiu.edu/myID or in person via cash, check, credit, or debit card at the UHDS office in Seal Hall. For both on and off-campus students, Rocky Dollars can be used at any dining location on campus, in vending & laundry machines, for printing and copying, the Student Recreation Center, and at the University Union Bookstore.

Special Dietary Needs?

If you have a special dietary need, please contact Colby Rhodd, General Manager, at Colby.Rhodd@sodexo.com or Justin Uy, Operations Manager, at Justin.Uy@sodexo.com