University Technology

Report a Technology Security Incident

Contact University Technology Security at (309) 298-TECH

A technology security incident is any attempted or successful access, disclosure, or misuse of computing systems, data, or networks; including hacking and theft. Report anything unusual. If it sets off a warning in your mind, it just may be a problem.

If you think your computer has been compromised or someone might be accessing your computer remotely, it’s best to unplug the network cable or turn off your wireless and leave the computer alone until help arrives.

Special Instructions for Lost or Stolen Devices
  • Report to the Office of Public Safety at (309) 298-1949 and University Technology Security at (309) 298-TECH
  • Change all passwords:
      • ECom (visit
      • STARS (by launching STARS and cllicking "Change Password")
      • WIUP (by selecting "Change Password" if using QWS3270, or by calling the Support Center at (309) 298-TECH)
      • Any special access programs you may use at the University
      • Any external sites you may have accessed on the device (banking websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Contact the Purchasing Office at (309) 298-1819 if University P-card information could be compromised
  • If the device is found, make sure to let Public Safety and University Technology know that it has been located