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Enabling JavaScript and Popups

When you click on the Launch STARS button on the main STARS page, a new window pops up in which STARS will run. A smaller pop-up window is also used to view Help screens while using STARS.

If you click on the Launch STARS button and nothing seems to happen, you may have pop-ups blocked on your web browser. The information below on allowing pop-ups was collected from various sites on the Internet and all resources are included at the end of the page. You may also want to insure that JavaScript is enabled for your browser by following these Javascript enabling instructions.

It is not recommended to turn off your Pop-up blockers as these can prevent annoying advertisements and potential security risks. The instructions below will assist in allowing the STARS pages to be viewed while still blocking unwanted pop-ups from other sites.

Enabling Pop-ups

Pop-up settings vary depending on the browser you are using.  The following links will take you to the help pages for the most popular web browsers.

Enabling JavaScript

The following website automatically detects if you browser has javascript enabled and describes how to enable JavaScript  for the most popular web browsers.  For reference, JavaScript is not the same thing as Java.

Hours of Availability

STARS is available daily from 3 AM to Midnight (Central time)


STARS Help is available Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM (Central time)