Food & Water

Water Bottle Refilling Stations

  • Help WIU track how many disposable water bottles are saved from the landfill.
  • Water is filtered and FREE.
  • Using filling stations with reusable water bottles promotes sustainability.
  • Using reusable water bottles reduces waste created by the bottling process and the need for fossil fuels to make plastics.
  • Filling stations are convenient and easy to use.
  • Using tap water and a reusable water bottle can protect you from the toxic chemicals found in bottled water such as arsenic, microbes, BPA, and other toxins.
  • Filters in filling stations remove additives to tap water such as chlorine.
  • Municipal water systems are more strictly monitored by the government than water bottling facilities.
  • Having a reusable water bottle has been shown to be an encouragement to drink more water.

WIU Teaching Garden

students helping with teaching garden

In a continuous effort to promote sustainability and provide new teaching opportunities, Western Illinois University broke ground on a teaching garden site on the Macomb campus in September 2012. WIU's recreation, park and tourism administration (RPTA) department, sociology and anthropology department, kinesiology department, College of Education and Human Services (COEHS) Dean's office, Infant and Preschool Center, landscape maintenance department and the sustainability committee have partnered to create the on-campus garden.

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Food Waste Composting

worker putting food waste in compost bin

The main goal of the campus food waste composting is to divert as much food waste from the landfill as possible and produce a high-quality and beneficial addition to campus gardens. The Earth Tub food waste composting system was attained by Western Illinois University in 2008. The system was about $12,000, with a majority of the cost offset with the help of grants. With more than 30% of landfill space currently being taken up by food waste, WIU is doing its part to extend the life of our landfill and beautify our campus at the same time.

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