Assessment, Accreditation and Strategic Planning


Western Illinois University is responsible for assuring the quality of all educational offerings at the institution. Our standards and processes ensure a quality education for every student at WIU. Western Illinois University was first accredited in 1913, and accreditation has been continuous since then. 

The accreditation process and additional information can be found on the Assurance Argument page

Future Planning and Implementation Activities

In order to begin working towards the university’s reaccreditation in 2031, several things need addressed. Below are ten items WIU’s assurance argument team, the committee that finalized the documents submitted for reaccreditation in 2021, felt were gaps in our argument. In parentheses indicates the 2021 criterion number and section for accreditation.

  1. Ensure compliance with University Guidelines on remittance of excess funds to the income account. (1.B.2.)
  2. Consider in-house optional training for faculty and staff to deliver diversity, equity and inclusion content. (1.C.1.)
  3. Align campus diversity-related offices to provide enhanced synergy with all inclusion efforts. (1.C.2.)
  4. Ensure the Trustees in Residence program is reinstated by Fall 2021 (2.C.3.)
  5. The university should have a student handbook. It can be in electronic form. (2.A.2 and 2.E.3.)
  6. Ensure all syllabi have measurable learning objectives going forward. (3.A.2.)
  7. Ensure all syllabi for the same course have consistent learning objectives. (3.A.2.)
  8. Ensure all syllabi for dual enrollment courses have learning outcomes that are consistent with those taught at the undergraduate level. (3.A.3.) [In addition, we should be collecting and storing all syllabi for dual enrolled courses and the faculty CVs.]
  9. WIU should have a formal written policy and procedure for tested experience to ensure faculty without earned credentials (i.e. a master’s or higher in the discipline) are qualified to teach. This should be established by disciplines and programs and then approved through the faculty governance process. (3.C.3.)
  10. Ensure co-curricular assessment is continuing and make sure it’s being used to improve student learning. (4.B.)
  11. Improve WIU’s financial stability (5)