Assessment, Accreditation and Strategic Planning

University Surveys

The Office of Assessment, Accreditation & Strategic Planning supports, provides consultation for, and helps administer surveys relevant to assessment, evaluation, retention, and the effectiveness and efficiency of university operations.

For all other surveys, including faculty and staff research, you can utilize your college’s or department’s SurveyMonkey tool or your individual Google Forms tool. Alternatively, you can request access to one of the licenses to Qualtrics the University pays for. This will be a shared license.

If you would like your survey sent directly to a specific population within WIU, for example, all students aged 18 and over or all civil service employees, please submit your request to the WIU Announcement system.  Once approved, AIMS will send the survey email for you.  

To request access to the shared Qualtrics license or for other survey questions please email

Surveys and Results for Assuring a Quality Experience at WIU

WIU is committed to understanding the experience of our current students and alumni. Currently WIU surveys undergraduate students biannually with the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). WIU also surveys students on the Quad Cities Campus each fall. The University conducts surveys of alumni one, five, and nine years after graduation.

Survey Privacy