Assessment, Accreditation and Strategic Planning

Our Strategic Plan Revision Process

In Fall 2021, the University embarked on a Strategic Planning Revision Process. Without altering the University’s Vision, Mission and Core Values, the revision team began to integrate President Huang’s priorities related to diversity, equity and inclusion as well as the new parallel plans that have recently been created all while taking our new post-pandemic context into consideration. Updates will be posted here regularly.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee charged with revising the University’s strategic plan began meeting in Fall 2021 and decided the best way to approach the revision process was to break into smaller groups, with each group working on a strategic goal.

  • Julia Albarracin
  • Brad Bainter
  • Mariya Bobina
  • Angela Bonifas
  • Margaret Burns
  • Jessica Butcher
  • Billy Clow
  • Alfonzo Cooper Jr
  • Stacy Dorsett
  • Nichole Friedrichsen
  • Allison Glover
  • Francis Godwyll
  • Katy Gorsuch
  • Mikhail Grachev
  • Everett Hamner
  • Elizabeth Hansen
  • Hoyet Hemphill
  • Daniel Hollander
  • Mike Inman
  • Derek Johnson
  • Jerel Jones
  • Peter Jorgensen
  • Kishor Kapale
  • Debbie Kepple-Mamros
  • Stephanie Kinkaid
  • Nicholas Knowles
  • Jonathon Lewellyn
  • Todd Lough
  • Michael Lukkarinen
  • Sara Lytle
  • Jeanette Malafa
  • Alyssa McCorkle
  • Patrick McGinty
  • John Meixner
  • Kristi Mindrup
  • Jeremy Merritt
  • Russell Morgan
  • Mark Mossman
  • Elizabeth Orwig
  • Padmaja Pillutla
  • Ellen Poulter
  • Qi Qi
  • Jeremy Robinett
  • Ketra Roselieb
  • Amanda Schultz
  • Amber Schultz
  • Darcie Shinberger
  • Roberta Smith
  • Michael Sowinski
  • Amy Spelman
  • Kyle Steinacher
  • Rajvee Subramanian
  • Danielle Surprenant
  • Naomi Tetteh-batsa
  • Phil Weiss
  • Curtis Williams
  • Michelle Yager

Agenda and Minutes from October 20, 2021

Agenda and Minutes from October 29, 2021

Agenda and Minutes from February 18, 2022

Agenda from April 6, 2022

Working Groups

After the steering committee met and agreed on the charges and how to divide the labor, the group broke into working groups which included a few additional members based on expertise. The charges and any additional documents produced by the working groups can be found by clicking the boxes below.

Shared Governance Groups Visited
  • Council of Academic Advisors
  • Council on Admissions, Graduation, and Academic Standards
  • Council on Curriculum, Programs, and Instruction
  • Deans Council
  • Faculty Senate Executive Committee
  • First Year Experience Faculty and Staff
  • Graduate Council
  • Senior Leadership Team
  • University Chairs Council
  • University Diversity Council/Black Faculty and Staff Caucus
  • University Retention Initiatives Team
  • UPI Leadership Team
Revision Drafts
Executive Writing Team

Once the steering committee and working groups have completed their tasks, an executive writing team will finalize the process of incorporating the ideas into the plan. The writing team consists of Lori Baker Sperry, Angela Bonifas, Debbie Kepple-Mamros, Amy Mossman, Mark Mossman, and Justin Schuch.