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Higher Values in Higher Education - Western Illinois University Strategic Plan

In June 2004, Western Illinois University completed an 18-month long effort to develop a strategic plan which focused on the institution's core values of Academic Excellence, Educational Opportunity, Social Responsibility, and Personal Growth. In refocusing Western's vision, this inaugural Higher Values in Higher Education document captured the collective wisdom of both the Macomb and Quad Cities campuses and communities in articulating the university's goals.

The plan has been updated three times and reflects Western Illinois University's commitment to continuous process improvement. This is also reflected in a Strategic Plan accountability reporting process described below.

Higher Values in Higher Education

Strategic Plan Supplements

Accountability Reports - Vice Presidents and Areas that Report to the President Presentations

Each spring the vice presidents and areas that report to the president make annual presentations on strategic plan priorities, accomplishments, and budget requests.

Spring 2019  |   Prior Year Presentations & Reports

Annual Strategic Plan Updates

These updates summarize the information presented in the annual accountability reports by the vice presidents and areas reporting to the president, as well as the monthly strategic planning updates to determine the annual number of strategic plan priorities with accomplishments and plans.

FY19, Part 2   |   Prior Annual Strategic Plan Updates

Performance Reports

These annual reports evaluate the combined impact of Higher Values in Higher Education implementation by documenting whether institutional performance indicators are completed/maintained, progressing in the desired direction, showing no change, or moving in the opposite direction. University performance is also benchmarked against peer institutions in these reports.

FY19  |   Prior Annual Performance Reports

Monthly Strategic Plan Updates

These updates summarize the current status of Higher Values in Higher Education initiatives and are presented to the Western Illinois University Board of Trustees and campus communities.

2019   |   Monthly Stategic Planning Updates Archive