Administrative Procedures Handbook

Public Safety

Emergency: 911
Public Safety: 298-1949
Parking Services: 298-1921
Fax: 298-2884

The Office of Public Safety provides 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, police and safety services to the University community. The department will respond to and investigate all criminal offenses, personal injury accidents, motor vehicle accidents, hazardous conditions, threats to personal safety; i.e., stalking, relationship violence, and any other incident which would endanger any member of the University community. The department provides an escort service from dusk to dawn, administers the emergency call box system on campus, and monitors and responds to all fire alarms and intrusion alarms on campus. The department also responds to all medical emergencies on campus and coordinates emergency medical services response to campus from the local hospital.

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Key Control

The Office of Public Safety administers the key control function for the University. All persons receiving University keys are responsible for those keys and must turn them in at the conclusion of the academic year, contract termination, or employment termination as determined by the department heads or the access control coordinator. Failure to turn in University keys at the conclusion of University services or at the request of the Office of Public Safety will cause the faculty, staff, or student to pay a fee commiserate with the cost of recoring or replacing the keys. Lost keys will also be replaced according to the current Access Control Regulations. Transfer of keys from one individual to another without the permission of the access control coordinator at the Office of Public Safety is prohibited. Keys may be obtained by submitting a Key Request form. The form must be signed by the department chairperson and building representative prior to being sent to the Office of Public Safety. The Key Request form is available on the Office of Public Safety web page under Access Control. When keys are manufactured after approval, the individual will be contacted to pick up the keys and sign for them at the Office of Public Safety, Mowbray Hall. Access Control is open during normal business hours. Keys may be picked up at Public Safety, Mowbray Hall, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Key locks and cores which are non-operable or have been damaged should be reported to the Physical Plant using the Service Request form. Any keys required due to a re-key of a door for damage or non-operation will need to be coordinated through the access control coordinator at the Office of Public Safety. There is no charge for replacement of keys due to damage or non-operation. Requests for recoring of a department or area should be coordinated through the Office of Public Safety's access control coordinator.

Equipment lock-down devices are installed by the Physical Plant using the Service Request form. The Office of Public Safety will coordinate the installation of a key control device on the lock-down device at no charge. The Key Request form may be used for this function. It is suggested that any University equipment with a high market value have a lock-down device installed. Examples are: state- of- the-art computers, expensive specialized electronic typewriters, lab equipment vital to research, etc.

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Lost or Stolen Equipment

The Office of Public Safety should be called immediately when it is determined that any equipment, personal or University, is stolen. A police officer will be dispatched to the reporting person's location for a full criminal investigation. An Inventory Change Report form must be sent to Property Accounting as soon as possible after the Office of Public Safety has been notified by the person responsible for inventory within the department experiencing the theft. Any property determined to be lost but not stolen should be reported to Property Accounting using the Inventory Change Report form. If it is questionable whether University property is lost or stolen, the Office of Public Safety should be notified and it, along with the department reporting the loss, will establish the status of the equipment.

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