Administrative Procedures Handbook

University Technology (UTech)

Administrative Offices: 309/298-2517
Computer Information Center: 309/298-1177
Help Desk: 309/298-8324 (298-TECH) Fax: 309/298-2880

University Data Management Procedures (PDF) - This document describes procedures intended to manage the movement of sensitive data between computers. Including when computers are transferred between individuals, when data is transferred between computers, when computers are disposed and when computers are located off campus for extended periods of time.

University Computer Support Services has primary responsibility for support of microcomputers and data networks. However, its central mission is the support of instructional computing. This support is provided through various services.

A wide variety of current hardware and software information is available on the World Wide Web through University Computer Support Services Home Page. For further information on the Home Page or its address, contact the Computer Information Center.

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Anti-Malware Policy

The university supports an approved anti-malware product. Using a non approved solution will not be University supported and is not recommended.

The following minimum requirements shall remain in force:

  • The anti-malware product shall be operated in real time on all client computers and Windows server computers. The product shall be configured for real time protection.
  • The anti-malware library definitions shall be checked at least once per day and updated as available.
  • Anti-malware scans shall be done a minimum of once per week on all university controlled workstations and servers.
  • Removing or permanently disabling anti-malware protection violates this policy.
  • WIU supports a centralized anti-malware model and advocates that clients receive anti-malware updates from official University sources managed by University Technology.

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Remote Access Policy

A remote user shall use either dial-in or virtual private networking (VPN). VPN uses a secure tunnel through the local ISP connection to the University network. VPN is recommended over modems for remote access.

General requirements:
  • Vice President or higher approval is required to download sensitive data to remote computers. Furthermore, it is prohibited to download sensitive data such a credit card data to a remote computer or media. This also includes but is not limited to printing, faxing, cut-and-paste, etc.
  • Users with administrative rights to servers, network/telecom infrastructure equipment or applications must use a University approved multi-factor authentication solutions (such as tokens, certificates) when connecting remotely.
  • Connecting computers should be properly patched and running current antivirus and anti-malware.
  • Remote access for vendors must only be allowed during a maintenance window and with proper and approved change control. It is highly recommended that there be WIU oversight of the session.
VPN Requirements
  • All data transmitted must be encrypted.
  • Split-tunneling or accessing the Internet through your local Internet Service Provider while connected to WIU is prohibited.

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Server Lockdown and Hardening Policy

All University owned or operated servers must be consistently and systematically locked-down (a method used to protect computers by restricting functionality of a system to its core functions thereby reducing the ways a system can be attacked). However, servers with access to sensitive data or exposed to public networks (such as the Internet) may require additional precautions based on associated risk. The office of the CTSO maintains lockdown standards, for Windows and UNIX/Linux/Mac servers.

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Electronic Mail Accounts and Web Accounts

Every faculty member, staff member, and student is provided an e-mail account and web space. The WIU e-mail account is accessible through standard e-mail clients or the Web. The account is activated by following the instructions at . Contact the University Technology Support Center at (309) 298-TECH if problems occur when activating your account.

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File Server Accounts

WIU faculty and staff have access to the Local Area Network (LAN). When employees leave or when new employees are hired, the department should contact the University Computer Support Services Help Desk and have an electronic service request created.

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Microcomputer Repair

Microcomputer repair of university-owned equipment may be handled on-site by University Computer Support Services technicians or completed in the Hardware Repair Center, depending on the nature of the repair. In either case, an electronic Service Request form is used to track the progress of the repair. Departments and offices are charged for any equipment parts which are necessary to complete the repair. To initiate a service request contact the University Computer Support Services Help Desk.

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Connecting to the Local Area Network (LAN)

Requests for connections to the Western Illinois University Local Area Network (LAN) must be initiated by calling University Computer Support Services Help Desk. Information concerning current networking costs and project schedules can be obtained by calling the University Computer Support Services Administrative Office. Prior approval by University Computer Support Services must be obtained before attaching any device to the LAN.

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Hardware and Software Problems

Hardware and software problems should be reported to the University Computer Support Services Help Desk. Problems which cannot be solved within the duration of the call will be entered into University Computer Support Services Service Request database. The request for service will be tracked by a unique number assigned to that request. Please ask for this number as it is the work request identification number.

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Research and Instructional Consultants

Research and Instructional Consultants are available to discuss software problems or hardware needs. Requests may be made by calling the University Computer Support Services Help Desk.

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Scheduling of Computer Labs

Questions about the scheduling of computer labs should be directed to University Computer Support Services Administrative Office.

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Test Scoring and Data Analysis Service

University Computer Support Services operates a test scoring and data analysis service. It is physically located within the Computer Information Center, Stipes Hall 126. Inquiries about this service should be directed to the Computer Information Center.

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Training on Demand

University Computer Support Services has a limited training on-demand capability in such areas as word processing, Internet use, microcomputer database applications, and microcomputer operating systems. An effort will be made to provide training whenever a department or office has an identifiable need.

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