Institute For Environmental Studies

The Corn Belt Ports Collectively Rank as the Nation’s 25th Largest Port and 6th Largest Inland Port Based on Tonnage Handled (2018 Estimate).

Illinois Waterway Ports and Terminals Region

  • 10 counties across central and north-central Illinois
  • 175.5 total river miles


Mississippi River Ports of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois Region

  • 14-15 counties in Iowa and Illinois
  • 221.5 total river miles


Two Rivers Confluence (Mid-America Port) Region

  • 17-22 counties across Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri
  • 241.5 total river miles (est.)


The Corn Belt Ports are Defined by the Heart of the USDA Corn and Soybean Production Region Served by Marine Highways above Locks and Dam 26 on the Upper Mississippi River and the Illinois Waterway in the Tri-State Area.