Department of Physics

Kishor T. Kapale, Professor/Department Chair

Dr. Kishor Kapale

Office: Currens Hall 300
Phone: (309) 298-1450
Personal Web Page:


  • Ph.D. – Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA, 2002
  • M. S. – Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India, 1997


  • Classical Mechanics - Phys 311
  • Electricity & Magnetism - Phys 320
  • Electromagnetic Theory I - Phys 520
  • Classical Mechanics I - Phys 510
  • Introduction to Astronomy (FYE) - Phys 101Y
  • Statistical Mechanics I - Phys 555
  • Introduction to Quantum Information Science - Phys 576

Research Interests

My research interests, over the past few years, have spanned a wide range of areas including statistical mechanics, quantum optics, atom optics, Bose-Einstein condensation, quantum information science and free-electron lasers. Current problems of interest are:

Theoretical Quantum Optics: Spontaneous emission quenching; Control of the group velocity of light via atomic coherence effects; Determination of the center-of-mass wavefunction of atoms; Interaction of Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) states of light with atomic, molecular and degenerate Bose or Fermi matter.

Atom Optics: Manipulation and measurement of the center-of-mass degrees of freedom of atoms via quantum optical interactions; Subwavelength atom localization; Subwavelength atom lithography via quantum optical techniques; Relative position localization of two atoms to a subwavelength precision.

Quantum Information Science: Devising experimentally feasible implementation schemes for quantum information paradigms; Study of Entanglement in Quantum Phase Transitions; Generation and characterization of large-scale entanglement in atomic and photonic systems.

Applied Quantum Physics: Applications of quantum optics and quantum information concepts to super-resolved microscopy, lithography and the development of novel quantum sensors.

Selected Publications