Department of Psychology


Psychology Clinic: Confidentiality Policy

All information provided by a client or a prospective client in the course of contacts with the Psychology Clinic is confidential in accord with the ethical standards of the American Psychological Association and the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act of 1979. This means that no information regarding the person, including the fact that he or she has had contact with the Clinic will be divulged orally or in writing to anyone not on the Clinic staff without the express written consent of the client. Legal and ethical standards require breaking confidentiality in instances where an individual presents a danger to self or others and in instances where the welfare of a child or elder is in question.

You should be aware that graduate students are involved in some way in almost all services provided through the Psychology Clinic. When students are involved in providing services the sessions they conduct are routinely video- or audio-recorded for purposes of supervision of their work and will be viewed by the student's faculty supervisor and may be viewed by other Clinic staff. A condition of receiving services in this facility is acceptance of the recording and/or observation of sessions. Clients are always informed when a session will be recorded or observed. In addition, we are HIPPA compliant regarding storage and sharing of client records.