Council of Administrative Personnel

COAP Mentor Program

Are you willing to serve as a mentor to other administrative professionals at WIU?  The Council of Administrative Personnel is seeking volunteers who would be willing to serve as mentors.  Additionally, perhaps you are in need of help with different aspects of your job where partnering with a mentor would be beneficial. 

The mentor/mentee role includes a commitment of at least six months of support to administrative professionals as they become acclimated to the WIU Community and their positions on campus.  This program may also be beneficial to those who have promoted to different positions within the administrative professional field. 

Volunteering to be a mentor makes you available to your mentee during your assigned lunch hour and via phone and/or e-mail during your scheduled work hours.  At no time while serving as a mentor, should you be absent from your work environment unless release time has been approved by your supervisor. 

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, click here for a mentor registration form

If you are interested in being mentored, click here for a  mentee registration form

COAP is looking forward to your participation in our program. Let’s all work together to make our new Leatherneck staff feel welcome and comfortable in the WIU Community!