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Lindsey Fuller

Lindsey Fuller

Lindsey Fuller, '18 Alum, serves as the Program Coordinator for Arts & Campus Events at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. During her time in the CSP Program, Lindsey was a Graduate Assistant specialized in programming in the Office of Student Activities. Lindsey also has a background in residential life and orientation programs, but found her passion to be in student activities. Lindsey's graduate and professional work has been spent serving students and providing valuable social and educational resources to students in various capacities.

CSP Program Mentoring Programs

The CSP program offers two mentoring programs to support current students' transition from a graduate student to a student affairs professional. The mentoring programs connect current students to alumni for career guidance, professional development, and personal growth. This support prepares our students to be successful in the field, and leaves a lasting impact on the entire CSP community.

CSP Alumni Mentoring Underrepresented Students Program

To provide support, assistance, social guidance, and positive reinforcement to underrepresented students including those of racial and ethnic-minority background, those having a disability, and those identifying as LGBTQ. By developing interpersonal relationships with CSP Alumni of similar identities to address personal and professional needs, thus contributing to their academic success at Western Illinois University, and enhancing the CSP student experience in efforts to prepare students for a successful career in Student Affairs in Higher Education. Learn more and get involved here. 

CSP Alumni Career Coaching Program

To provide a venue for current CSP students to benefit from the experiences and expertise of our alumni. The support fostered through this mentoring program helps prepare our students for a successful internship or job search. Alumni career coaches have the opportunity to advise student's in a variety of ways: make connections between their classroom concepts, practica, and assistantship to their future roles as a student affairs professional; engage in the summer internship and/or job search (resume and cover letter review); and prepare for interviews (mock-interviews) and campus presentations often associated with the summer internship and/or job search process. Learn more and get involved here. 

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