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Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Management

Q. What is Emergency Management?

A. It's a Committment to Promotion and Administration of Public Safety Resources, Planning, and Response  

Men & women who dedicate their careers to preparing for, responding to, recovering from, and mitigating against disasters.  Emergency managers work at all-levels of government, they can be employed by private sector firms, or their efforts can work in support of non-governmental voluntary organizations. planning, and management to deal with extreme events that can injure or kill large numbers of people, do extensive damage to property, and disrupt community life.”

All Disasters Are Local  

All disasters are local, ranging from very small community incidents to very large national emergencies.  No matter what type of traumatic crisis is being dealt with - the management of the disaster both begins and ends at the local level.  

A primary value driving those persons who are involved in the field of emergency management is one of humanitarian assistance.

The goals for the work of an emergency manager can include actions that work towards preserving life, avoiding injuries, preventing damage to property, reducing  disaster risk, and lessening the cost of disasters.