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WIU IESMA Student Chapter - The Emergency Management Student Organization

The WIU IESMA (Illinois Emergency Services Management Association) Student Chapter is the Emergency Management Student Organization for Western Illinois University.

The WIU IESMA Student Chapter holds the distinction of being the first university affiliate of Illinois Emergency Services Management Association (IESMA).  IESMA is Illinois' statewide non-governmental professional association for the emergency management community.    

The goals of the WIU IESMA Student Chapter include:

  1. To promote student interest in the profession of emergency management
  2. To provide additional opportunities for interactions between students and faculty, and to facilitate off-campus networking opportunities 
  3. To support training and/or educational activities and professional development opportunities outside of the classroom
  4. To provide a forum to represent emergency management student's interests within the IESMA organization 
  5. To provide a forum in which students can provide service to the emergency management profession, community, and university

Membership in the organization is open to all emergency management majors and minors, as well as other Western Illinois University students who are interested in the emergency management profession.