Military Science

Financial Aid/Scholarships

Army ROTC scholarships are awarded based on merit, not financial need. Traits looked for in applicants are individuals who are athletic, have a good GPA coming out of high school or out of community college, and are leaders in their schools, sports teams, clubs, or communities.

Federal Scholarships can be obtained either through the university, or though direct application to Army ROTC. A Federal Scholarship will pay all tuition, university fees, and books. In addition, Federal Scholarship winners recieve a tax-free Stipend (discussed further below) intended to help pay for living costs.

State Scholarships, which are awarded through the university's program, will pay for tuition and activity and athletic fees. Individuals can apply for this scholarship after enrolling in a Military Science class.

Federal Scholarship Online Application: ARMY ROTC

Monthly Stipend

Understanding the needs of a college student, ROTC also offers Stipends to all qualified cadets. This money goes directly to the cadet and can be used by the cadet to defray the cost of living expenses. To qualify, a cadet must:

1. Be in the Advanced Course of Military Science instruction.(Junior and Senior).

2. Stipend is $420/month (Freshman-Senior)

Simultaneous Membership Program

Cadets who are in ROTC while at the same time assigned to a National Guard or Army Reserve unit also receive sergeant's (E-5) pay from their Army Reserve or Army National Guard unit.