Department of Art and Design

Study Abroad Opportunities

The Department of Art & Design offers Study Abroad courses each summer. These courses are usually 10 intense, active days and are scheduled for travel to take place in May or June. Currently the study abroad opportunities alternate between Art in New York and locations in Europe. The most recent Europe trip was to Venice and Rome in Italy.

Art in NYC:

Students who participate in this amazing course will get to experience the art and culture of New York City firsthand. They will be exposed to art in a way unavailable on campus as gain an understanding of the complexity of and opportunities available in such a multicultural and multilingual city. This course is designed to increase a participant’s knowledge and enjoyment of the visual arts but presupposes no prior background in the subject.

The course will provide the intellectual concepts and heightened sensitivity necessary for the development of an appreciation of world art. Participants will analyze the formal aspects of art, as well as examine various materials and techniques. Synthesizing this information with a general art historical foundation should enable participants to evaluate art from a position of increased understanding. Insight will also be gained into their own response to a wide variety of art forms as work is considered from a diverse range of times and global cultures.

Each day’s events will correspond to the gallery and museum exhibits at that specific time within the context of the local flavor of the area. Participants will visit major comprehensive museums, galleries, and artist studios.