School of Music

Undergraduate Program

The School of Music is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music.

Bachelor of Music (minimum 120 s.h)
Options of Study


  • Minor in Music (Liberal Arts): minimum 16 s.h.
  • Minor in Music Business: 17 s.h.
  • Minor in Jazz Studies: 17 s.h.

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Students may elect study in keyboard, voice, winds, strings, and percussion as well as specialized study in jazz, and composition. Certification as a music therapist is available through the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT).

The Teacher Certification option prepares students to teach music in the public schools. All music education students must appear before the Student Teaching Committee of the School of Music for evaluation of competencies and skills prior to student teaching. Final approval for student teaching is granted only by this committee. Students may obtain Illinois K–12 certification in Music by completing degree requirements and state certification tests.

A Non-Comprehensive Major in Music, with a minor in another field, provides an opportunity to study music in a less intensive mode for those students seeking a liberal arts background. This also allows students in pre-professional programs such as pre-law or pre-medicine to complete a Major in Music, meeting professional school entrance requirements through the minor and other guided electives. The School of Music offers minors in liberal arts, music business, and jazz studies.

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