Music Composition

music composition

Students majoring in Music Composition at Western Illinois University have the opportunity to study theory, analysis, and a wide variety of compositional techniques and styles through coursework, composition seminar, and weekly lessons with WIU composition faculty members Hong-Da Chin and James Romig. WIU Music Composition hosts two annual events — ElectroAcoustic Music Macomb in the fall and New Music Festival in the spring — that provide additional opportunities for students to hear recently-composed music and interact with invited guest composers and performers from around the country.

Graduates of WIU Music Composition have gone on to...

  • enroll in masters and doctoral programs in composition and/or theory
  • teach composition and/or theory full-time/part-time at the university level
  • work in electronic sound-design, creating music for apps and video games
  • successful careers in non-musical areas such as biotechnology and law

Degree Requirements