Cybersecurity Center

CSEC436 Advanced Network Security

Course Description

An examination of advanced network security and network defense. Topics include network defense, applied cryptography, security protocols, defense tools, security policies and implementation, and operational procedures. Credit cannot be given for both CSEC 436 and CS 505. Prerequisites: CS/CSEC 395 and CSEC 322 and CS/CSEC 398, or permission of School.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic algorithms. 
  • Explain commonly used cryptographic protocols.
  • Analyze network security mechanisms based on cryptography. 
  • Describe common real-life applications of cryptography. 
  • Identify mechanisms to ensure integrity and reduce errors in a cryptographic system. 
  • Explain encryption modes and describe the how encryption modes can affect data security. 
  • Describe key network security principles such as defense in depth, reduction of attack surface, etc. 
  • Explain how network defense mechanisms such as firewalls and IDS could be used to protect a business network. 
  • Evaluate network operational procedures for security.