Faculty Senate

University Diversity Council

  Co-Chairs: Carl Ervin and Merrill Cole

University Diversity Statement


Western Illinois University creates a campus and community cultural environment where all members feel valued, respected and heard.


The University Diversity Council fosters the progression and sustainability of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to embrace a culture of understanding, acceptance, and a sense of belonging.


  • The UDC is a working group and serves in an advisory capacity to the president of Western Illinois University on issues regarding diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Working with Equal Opportunity and Access, Academic Personnel, Human Resources, Student Services and Admissions, the UDC ensures the University attracts and retains diverse faculty, staff, and students.
  • The UDC ensures diversity, equity and inclusion best practices are upheld in a transparent manner and enhance University strategies, policies, guidelines, initiatives and programs.
  • The UDC identifies barriers to, and solutions for, a diverse and inclusive University.
  • Working across the University, the UDC provides resources, support and programs to ensure a diverse and inclusive University.
  • The UDC increases cultural awareness, knowledge, and skills throughout the University.
  • The UDC partners with the surrounding communities to promote a positive campus climate for all.