Graduate Studies

African American Studies

Some academic departments, colleges and other areas do not provide a major at the graduate level. However, these areas do offer courses for graduate credit. Permission to use these courses in a degree program must be obtained from the appropriate Departmental Graduate Committee.

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Course Descriptions

African American Studies (AAS)

402G (cross-listed with HIST 402G) The Civil Rights Movement. (3) An intensive study of the history of the African American civil rights movement, concentrating on the post-WWII era. The course also examines the contested historical memory over the long black freedom struggle. Prerequisite: HIST 106 or AAS 100 or permission of the instructor.

420G (cross-listed with SOC 420G and WS 420G) Race, Class and Gender. (3) The course will examine issues of race, class, and gender in historical, cultural, and contemporary societal contexts. Prerequisites: WS 190 or AAS 100 or SOC 100; or permission of the instructor.

466G (cross-listed with GEOG 466G—Africa) Geography of Africa. (3) Analysis of the physical and cultural geography of Africa. Not open to students with credit for GEOG 466G—Africa. Individuals who receive credit for AAS 466G—Africa may take 6 s.h. maximum of GEOG 466G if the regional studies subtitles are different. Prerequisite: two courses in geography or permission of the instructor.

491G Seminar in African American Studies. (1–6) Topics will vary from semester to semester, and will be announced prior to registration.

494G (cross-listed with REL 494G) Religion in African American Culture. (3) This course acquaints students with religiosity and spirituality among African Americans and provides understanding of a worldview, via concepts of nature, God, and human interaction, that reflects African cultural retentions in the U.S. Prerequisites: AAS 100.