Graduate Studies

Timeline for Degree-Seeking Students

1. Submit a graduate admission application (new students) or a change of status form (current students) to the School of Graduate Studies.

2. Submit official transcripts from each college or university attended. Complete departmental admission requirements, if applicable.

3. Receive a letter of admission from the School of Graduate Studies.

4. Talk with graduate program advisor for pre-program planning and obtain specific departmental degree requirements.

5. File a graduate degree plan at the departmental level prior to the completion of 21 semester hours of course work.

a. If conditional admission – All conditions must be met prior to filing graduate degree plan.

b. If probationary admission – Probationary status must be removed prior to filing the graduate degree plan.

6. Receive approval of graduate degree plan from the School of Graduate Studies.

7. Submit committee approval form, at the department level, prior to beginning of your exit option or dissertation, if applicable.

8. Submit application for graduation by the following deadline dates for the semester in which you plan to complete:

Spring semester           March 10

Summer semester        June 10

Fall semester                October 10

9. Complete all course work for the degree. This includes comprehensive exams, special projects, recitals, performances, etc., if applicable.

10. Complete thesis/dissertation, if applicable, by the Friday before finals week.

11. Complete and submit to the School of Graduate Studies all course revalidations, final grades, verification of thesis completion, and official transcripts for transfer work by the last day of your final semester.

12. Receive diploma via postal service 4-6 weeks after completion of degree, provided there are no University holds on your student account.