Graduate Studies


Please refer to the Accountancy graduate program section for information including departmental contact information, a list of graduate faculty members, program description, and course descriptions.

Bachelor of Business in Accountancy/Master of Accountancy

Requirements for Enrollment
  • A minimum of an overall GPA of a 3.25 and a 3.25 GPA in the major and in accounting coursework.
Integrated Degree Program Description

Students in the integrated program are allowed to use six semester hours of B-level accountancy classes to satisfy both the Bachelor of Business degree and the Master of Accountancy degree. However, because 150 semester hours are required to sit for the CPA exam, students are required to complete a total of 150 hours for the integrated baccalaureate and master’s degree program.

Integrated Degree Requirements

I. Core Courses: 12 s.h.

ACCT 540 Contemporary Issues in Accounting (3)
ACCT 541 Advanced Accounting Concepts I (3)
ACCT 542 Advanced Accounting Concepts II (3)
ACCT 580 Advanced Auditing (3)
ACCT 611 Graduate Outcomes Assessment (0)

II. Directed Electives: 3–9 s.h.

ACCT 445G/B Financial Modeling and Statement Analysis (3)
ACCT 457G/B Fraud Examination (3)
ACCT 471G/B Advanced Federal Taxation (3)
ACCT 510 CPA Regulation (1)
ACCT 520 CPA Financial Accounting & Reporting (1)
ACCT 530 CPA Business Environment & Concepts (1)
ACCT 555 Information Systems Auditing (3)
ACCT 620 Accounting Internship (3)

III. Research Skills: 3 s.h.

ACCT 445G Financial Modeling and Statement Analysis (3)
DS 533 Applied Business Forecasting and Planning (3)
MGT 540 Applied Business Research (3)
MKTG 526 Applied Business Research (3)

IV. Integrative Experience: 6–12 s.h.

MGT 590 Strategic Management (3)
Graduate-level accounting, business, or computer science courses. (A minimum of three hours must be taken outside of accounting.) (3–9)


No more than one-half of the semester hours counted for the graduate degree may be earned in courses below the 500 level.