Graduate Studies


Please refer to the Communication graduate program section for information including departmental contact information, list of graduate faculty members, program description, and course descriptions.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication/Master of Arts in Communication

Requirements for Enrollment
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.25 and a minimum of 3.25 grade point average in the major OR
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 with a minimum 3.3 grade point average in the last 30 credit hours taken at WIU
Integrated Degree Program Description

Students in the integrated program are allowed to use nine semester hours of B-level courses to satisfy both the Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree and the Master of Arts in Communication degree. Students choosing to complete the master’s degree in one year must enroll in COMM 500 in the fall and COMM 504 in the spring of their senior year. There is a three-course sequence in the graduate program. Failure to complete COMM 500 and 504 will delay a student’s graduation from the program. The following courses may be used as a directed elective: COMM 409G/B, COMM 410G/B, COMM 413G/B, COMM 425G/B, COMM 441G/B, COMM 456G/B, COMM 480G/B.

Integrated Degree Requirements

I. Core Courses: 9 s.h.

COMM 500/500B Communication Theory (3)
COMM 504/504B Empirical Research in Human Communication (3)
COMM 506 Message Production (3)

II. Directed Departmental Electives: 9 s.h.

Directed electives must be at the 500 level, excluding COMM 520, COMM 596, COMM 601, COMM 602, COMM 603, COMM 604, and COMM 679.

III. Exit options (Select one): 15-16 s.h.

A.  Thesis

COMM 601Thesis (6)
Directed Electives (9)

B.  Creative Project

COMM 602 Creative Projects (3)
Directed Electives (12)

C. Research Paper

COMM 603 Research Paper (1)
Directed Electives (15)

D. Internship

COMM 604 Internship Presentation (1)
COMM 596 Graduate Internship (3)
Directed Electives (12)

TOTAL PROGRAM: 33-34 s.h.