Graduate Studies

Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

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Bachelor of Science in Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration/Master of Science in Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

Requirements for Enrollment
  • A minimum cumulative 3.25 GPA and a minimum 3.25 GPA in Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration (RPTA) prior to enrolling in bridge courses. Grades of A or B must be earned in courses taken with the B designation, i.e., bridge courses.
Integrated Degree Program Description

The Integrated Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration Master’s Degree Program will allow exceptional RPTA undergraduate students to take up to nine hours of 400G level classes that would count toward the requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration and the Master of Science Degree in Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration.

As a result of counting nine hours of classes for both degrees, these select students will have an opportunity to take more classes that focus exclusively on their chosen subfield. In addition to the 12 hours of core classes that all RPTA Master’s Degree students must complete, these students are required to take a minimum of twelve hours of elective courses. Students may select up to nine hours of credit from the bridge courses to count toward their 12 hours of required elective courses. Only 400G level RPTA courses can be used as bridge courses.

Integrated Degree Requirements

I. Core Courses (or their equivalent competency): 12 s.h.

RPTA 515 Leisure Services Ethics (3)
RPTA 522 Planning in Leisure Service Industries (3)
RPTA 526 Fiscal Management in Leisure Services (3)
RPTA 599 Experience Studies in Leisure Services (3)

II. Directed Electives*: 12 s.h.

RPTA 422G/B Advanced Administration of Leisure Services (3)
RPTA 424G/B Fund Raising and Volunteerism in Leisure Services (3)
RPTA 428G/B Youth and Leisure Services (3)
RPTA 446G/B Wilderness Leadership (3)
RPTA 448G/B Interpretation of Cultural and Environmental Resources (3)
RPTA 449G/B Management of Outdoor Recreation (3)
RPTA 450G/B Traveling Workshops (1–3, repeatable to 6)
RPTA 451G/B Principles of Therapeutic Recreation (3)
RPTA 452G/B Leisure Services for Older Adults (3)
RPTA 453G/B Clinical Therapeutic Recreation Processes (3)
RPTA 454G/B Management of Therapeutic Recreation (3)
RPTA 460G/B Sustainable Tourism Development (3)
RPTA 461G/B Conference and Convention Planning and Management (3)
RPTA 462G/B International Tourism (3)
RPTA 464G/B Group Tour Planning and Management (3)
RPTA 465G/B Tourism Destination Promotion (3)
RPTA 466G/B Resort Management (3)
RPTA 467G/B Event Planning and Management (3)
RPTA 481G/B Management of Outdoor Recreation Resources (3)
RPTA 485G/B Resource Management for Fly Fisheries (3)
RPTA 487G/B Site Planning in Recreation and Parks (3)
RPTA 488G/B Park Open Space Planning (3)
RPTA 489G/B Park Maintenance and Operation Management (3)
RPTA 490G/B Independent Study (1–3, repeatable to 8)

III. Select one of the following exit options: 6 s.h.

A. Thesis

RPTA 601 Thesis (6)

B. Graduate Research Project

RPTA 602 Graduate Research Project (6)

C. Internship

RPTA 603 Professional Internship (6)