Graduate Studies

Frequently Asked Questions - Enrollment Verification


What is the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) and how do they get my information?

NSC is a non-profit organization providing secure enrollment information to lenders. The Financial Aid Office sends a report to NSC AFTER the 10th day of each semester, supplying the number of hours each student is registered. This information is then supplied to lenders who subscribe to NSC. Nelnet, Sallie Mae, IDAPP, CITIBANK are just a few who use the service.

Why can't my enrollment be verified BEFORE the 10th day?

Students may withdraw totally without penalty up to the 10th day of the semester. Lenders know this, and do not consider "pre-registration" (enrollment information sent before 10th day) proof of enrollment.

Where do I send my deferment forms?

Send the forms to Deb Edwards, Graduate School, Sherman Hall 116, Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL 61455.

What if I don't have any forms?

Forms should be available through your lender's website. When submitting the blank form, please complete ALL student information.

What do I do if the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) reports incorrect hours to my lenders?

Send an email to Deb ( or call her at (309) 298-1806 to report the error. If you are a graduate student in your last semester, are registered for less than 9 hours and have a degree plan on file to verify required hours for degree completion, the Graduate School considers you a full time student. Teaching assistants are also considered full time students with 6 hours of enrollment. The information sent by the Financial Aid Office cannot verify this, which sometimes causes confusion.

If I'm registered for 3 hours my last semester, and the Graduate School considers me full time, why do I have to be registered for 6 hours in order to receive my loans from Financial Aid?

Financial Aid works with loans regulated by the Federal government; most require enrollment in a minimum of 6 hours of graduate course work to be eligible for loans, regardless of the degree plan.