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Program Overview

Biology is one of the most basic fields of science with direct application to humans. Our continued existence on the planet Earth will depend on how we resolve biological problems. Biology ranges in scale from biochemical processes inside individual cells to complex multicellular organisms to populations of organisms to ecosystems to the entire planet. A Master of Science in Biology allows our graduates to pursue careers in health care, biotechnology, conservation, government agencies, education, and a wide range of other fields.

Courses are offered in Macomb, the Quad Cities and the Alice L. Kibbe Research Station.

Why Choose Biology at WIU?

Small classes, high teacher:student ratio, lots of hands on learning (laboratories, etc.), wide range of subjects (botany, microbiology, zoology), excellent research opportunities.

Our Faculty

12 faculty members, specialties in botany, microbiology, and zoology (

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Degrees Available:

  • M.S.


  • Macomb
  • Quad Cities

Required GPA:

  • Cumulative: 3.00
  • Last 2 years: 3.00

Admission Requirements:

  • Goals Statement
  • Transcripts

Interesting Facts: Fall 2023

  • Currently enrolled: 36
  • International: 21
  • Minority: 3
  • Students with Assistantships: 13

Department Contact Information:

Waggoner Hall 372