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“The M.S. in Mathematics program is a wonderful, rewarding graduate program. All of the faculty are experienced and helpful. Even though the program was challenging, I was able to complete it successfully with the encouragement and guidance from my professors. I always felt like I was in a friendly environment during my stay at WIU; it was an amazing experience and WIU will be in my heart forever.” - Madusha De Silva, MS, July 2021

Master of Science in Mathematics

The M.S. in Mathematics provides an alternative to traditional programs by preparing students who would pursue a career in business, industry, government, or pursue further study towards a doctoral degree. The program offers a sufficiently flexible course structure, built on core courses and a wide range of specialized focus area courses. The program can be completed via a traditional on campus experience, or as a fully online degree program for working professionals.

MS Program Overview
  • The MS program provides students with solid graduate-level training in analysis, computational mathematics, and statistics. Both the theoretical framework and applications are covered in six core courses.
  • The program also allows students to choose a focus area in a single field within mathematics, or in a discipline related to mathematics. Diverse options are available for the choice of a focus area, and include: statistics, applied mathematics, numerical analysis, pure mathematics, data science, computer science, economics, physics, or the teaching of mathematics.

Master of Science in Teaching Mathematics

The M.S. in Teaching Mathematics is a fully online degree designed for current teachers of secondary mathematics. This innovative program gives teachers an opportunity to earn a Masters degree in Mathematics and provides opportunities for these teachers to teach dual credit and college-level courses.

MSTM Program Overview
  • The MSTM program provides students with four core courses in mathematics, computational math, statistics, and secondary mathematics content knowledge.
  • Students then choose five elective courses in mathematics, statistics, or mathematics education, along with two courses that form an action research capstone to their degree.

Why Choose Mathematics at WIU?

The occupational fields open to students who have completed an MS program with a proper selection of a focus area include: mathematical analysis in industry or government, teaching, computer-related employment, data analysis and other statistical work, and mathematical aspects of business and finance. Requirements are sufficiently flexible to allow for individual interests and specialization based upon career goals.

Our Faculty

The faculty at the Department include: ten graduate faculty and ten associate graduate faculty with PhDs from Cornell University, University of Illinois, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ohio State, and Pennsylvania State University, among other universities.

Extracurricular Opportunities

The Department supports a Math Club to unite both graduate and undergraduate math students, to strengthen the relationship between students and professors, to provide information about careers, and to have fun while exploring mathematics. Colloquia in Mathematics provide students an opportunity to learn about research trends and to present their own research.

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Degrees Available:

  • M.S.


  • Macomb
  • Online

Required GPA:

  • Cumulative: 2.75 or
  • Last 2 years: 3.0

Admission Requirements:

  • Transcripts
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation

Interesting Facts: Fall 2023

  • Currently enrolled: 16
  • International: 9
  • Minority: 0
  • Students with Assistantships: 8

Department Contact Information:

Morgan Hall 476