Graduate Studies

Doctorate Degree Graduate Students

Applicants should apply for admission to doctorate programs simultaneously with admission to the School of Graduate Studies. Please refer to the departmental information for specific admission requirements.

Master’s and Specialist Degree Graduate Students

Applicants may qualify under either of the following two conditions if they:

1. have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.75 (based on all hours attempted at all institutions attended) for their undergraduate work, or

2. have a 3.0 or higher average for their last two years of undergraduate work

Applicants not meeting conditions 1 or 2 but who have completed at least six semester hours (nine quarter hours) of graduate coursework from a regionally accredited institution with a graduate GPA of 3.0 or higher may be recommended for admission by the School of Graduate Studies. However, admission based on graduate GPA is entirely at the discretion of individual departments. Some departments may not consider graduate GPA for admission at all; some may require more than six semester hours of graduate coursework before consideration is given; and some may only consider graduate GPA if a graduate degree was successfully completed. Applicants should consult individual departments to inquire whether graduate GPA will be considered.



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