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Second Bachelors' Degree and Non-Degree Students

Admission to Second Baccalaureate Degree Program
Admission as a Non-degree Graduate Student
Admission to Teacher Licensure Programs

Applicants who are interested in applying to earn a 2nd bachelor’s degree or who would like to take courses as a non-degree graduate student must apply through the School of Graduate Studies to begin the process.  Admission steps are outlined below:

 Admission to Second Baccalaureate Degree Programs

To be eligible for a second baccalaureate degree, after having been granted a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution, a candidate must comply with the following:

  1. The candidate must apply to and be accepted by the School of Graduate Studies for admission to the University.
  2. The candidate must submit a program from the major department to be approved by the Council on Admission, Graduation, and Academic Standards (CAGAS).
  3. The candidate must secure approval from CAGAS prior to enrolling.
  4. The candidate becomes an undergraduate upon approval of the second degree plan. All undergraduate University policies are applicable.
  5. The candidate must earn a minimum of 30 additional semester hours in residence. Courses in the degree plan may not be taken pass/fail.
  6. The candidate must complete an undergraduate application for graduation at least one semester prior to graduation.

Note: The grade point average calculation for second baccalaureate degree students will not utilize any grades from previous degrees.

The Office of the Registrar can answer any specific procedural questions you may have about pursuing a 2nd bachelor’s degree (309/298-1891 or  If you would like to talk with an undergraduate advisor in your area of interest, please review the list for contact information.

  Admission as a Non-degree Graduate Student

Students in this category are:

  1. Those whose records, including transcripts or test scores, are incomplete at the time of their first registration, thus making it impossible to determine their exact admission status;
  2. Those who are taking courses to transfer to a degree program at another institution;
  3. Those who meet WIU admission requirements for degree-seeking graduate student status, but who are not interested in pursuing a degree at WIU. (Should these students later wish to pursue a graduate degree, they should contact the School of Graduate Studies and request that they be considered for admission as degree-seeking students);
  4. Those who do not meet admission requirements for degree-seeking graduate student status and have no intention of ever pursuing a degree at this institution. (Should these students later wish to pursue a degree, they are required to request admission as a degree-seeking graduate student, and if accepted, adhere to the regulations established for that category); and
  5. Those who graduate from nontraditional bachelor's degree programs with fewer than 60 semester hours of graded work. (Should these students wish to pursue a degree, they may petition to have their status changed to degree-seeking graduate student after completing six semester hours of graduate-level work at Western Illinois University with at least a B average and after submitting GRE/GMAT scores if required by the program. With the approval of the academic department, the six semester hours may count toward the minimum number of hours required for the degree.)

Application for admission to the School of Graduate Studies must be made online at Nondegree students must request the registrar of the college or university granting their highest degree to send a statement of degree or official transcript showing the degree and the date it was conferred. It must be sent by the registrar directly to the School of Graduate Studies. All transcripts on file in the Office of the Registrar at Western will be obtained by graduate office personnel.

Admission to the School of Graduate Studies does not imply or constitute admission to an advanced degree program.

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Programs of Study

  Admission to Teacher Licensure Programs

Graduate students seeking licensure that requires an advanced degree (guidance, educational leadership, school psychology, and speech-language-hearing science) should contact the department chair of their graduate program.

All others seeking initial or subsequent teacher licensure or endorsements, whether by an advanced degree, second bachelor's degree or as a nondegree graduate student, should contact the University licensure officer in the Office of Teacher Education at (309) 298-1434. Information is available at