Human Resources

Lump Sum Payment Information

Phone: 298-1971

The Lump Sum Payment Request Form may be used to pay current exempt employees for duties performed outside their current job. For non-WIU employees this payment process is intended for services performed occasionally and not ongoing. Vice President for Finance and Administration approval is required for lump sum payment requests for services beyond 3 months.

The form must be completed in full before an offer of employment can be made by Human Resources and work can begin. All sections must be completed and all approvals obtained before payment can be made. Please mark the top section indicating if the idividual is currently a Civil Service employee or a non-WIU employee. The form must be routed in order of signature approvals. Do not send to Human Resources without the appropriate signatures.

Civil Service hourly employees working outside of their normal work hours may not meet the criteria established for lump sum payments. Hourly employees performing work beyond their normal work hours are essentially working overtime. Contact the Payroll Office, 298-1867, for instructions on how to process payment to an employee whose additional hours are to be paid from a source other than their regular hours.

There is a different Lump Sum Payment request form for graduate assistants. Contact the Graduate Studies Office, 298-1806, for information.

Academic and administrative employees have a separate Form and process for supplemental pay.

Lump Sum Payments

Payments are processed on the semi-monthly payroll with pay dates on the 1st and 16th of the month. Payment will not be made until work has been completed.

Background Investigation Consent Form

Background investigations are required for anyone paid on a Lump Sum Payment that involves on-going work or work with minor children. This also includes recurring work (ex. someone that works every summer). Individuals that work with minor children will be required to have the background investigation annually. Background checks must be completed BEFORE any work is performed. Human Resources will process the background investigation and notify the department once the individual is cleared to work.

Employment Paperwork

The following documents will be required once an offer of employment is made by Human Resources and the offer is accepted.

  • Employment Eligibility (Form I-9)
  • DCFS Mandated Reporter
  • Ethics Training and Sexual Harassment Training
  • Statement of SURS Annuitant Status
  • Payroll Documents (tax forms; direct deposit form)