Overdues and Fines

Courtesy reminders are sent via e-mail 3 days before an item is due.

Overdue notices are automatically e-mailed one week, three weeks, and five weeks after the due date if the item has not been returned.

The charge for a lost book is $75, though we will gladly waive the charge if the user returns the book or provides an acceptable replacement copy in its place.

Failure to return or replace lost items will lead to additional penalties for all users:

  • suspension of library privileges, meaning nothing new can be borrowed
  • a hold on user’s university account, preventing registration, graduation, transcripts, etc.

  • Privileges will be reinstated when you return the item.

    We would always rather have the book than the money!

    Questions concerning overdues and fines should be addressed to:

    Alonso Rubio
    Overdues & Fines Coordinator
    Greg Phelps
    Unit Supervisor